• Image of Lilly Lube
  • Image of Lilly Lube

LillyLube is a complex blend of heavy duty lubricants, purified solvents and proprietary additives that reduce friction and make your chain run smooth. LillyLube will penetrate and clean your chain, flushing out dirt and contamination. LillyLube is formulated to provide excellent lubrication and at the same time pick up a minimum amount of grit and dirt. Oh, and it helps us win races!*

• Formulated by an engineer with a passion for cycling
• Happily used by a team that HATES dirty and LOUD Bikes
• Attracts a minimum amount of dirt and grit
• Lower friction increases speed - this has been proven!
• Increases chain life
• Long Lasting
• Excellent for all type of bikes
• Made in the USA

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